The Red Dress Charity Run 23 March 2013

by the Occasional Hasher

One thing is for sure, the vast majority of Koh Samui Hasher's are not afraid to let their hair down and look downright twits.

Saturday saw their Annual Red Dress Charity Run. It got off to a flying start at the Red Fox where Blue Lugs dished out his Infamous 90% alcohol, with a dash of tomato juice, Bloody Mary's. One or two brave Hasher's had more than one, don't think they realised what they were letting themselves in for.

Some Hasher's put in a great effort to look the part, Jack Lemon and Zsa Zsa were fantastic, a few others were unrecognisable. Among them was Sleazy Rider, Sleazy was the word, he even had on fish net stockings!!!!!

After a group photograph we set off on our mystery pub crawl ably led by Dipstick who, along with Bogtrotter was the joint hare. They were complaining about how hard it had been setting the run up,  especially the time they spent negotiating at the round bars. On hearing that several members volunteered to organise next years do.

 First stop was at the One Way where, as always, mine host Graham was on hand to welcome us all. Next on to the Bikini Bar and then a "pit stop" at The Shamrock. A long walk back to the next stop and then on to the Highlight of the whole day, the infamous round bars.

W.C. Fields was the first to "Pole" dance, I must say that he looked rather fetching in his Chiffon outfit.  Slim even had a go bless him. however I did notice that the bar owner was anxiously watching the "poles" thinking that a collapse was imminent owing to Slim's ample girth!  Steel Rod was there in his Tutu, wearing a rather fetching hat, the dead give away that all was not that it seemed was his moustache!  

The girls at the bar joined in the fun and even had red tops on in recognition of the Red Dress run. In recognition Bogtrotter gave a speach, don't suppose he can remember what he said as by that time he looked a bit glassy eyed. Many thanks to them all. 

Finally back to the Red Fox where Blue Lugs enticed everyone by reducing his prices. Thanks BL, a shrewd move. Whilst there we were joined by none other than Ferrall Flaps, a bit late for the run Ferrall but one can understand your ulterior motive!  

Master of ceremonies Crive held a very short circle looking resplendent in a low cut whatever, leave the low cut to the ladies Crive, they have got a darn site more to show than you have!

Finally it must be said that the "Girls" collecting for the days charity did a stupendous job collecting around 7,000 Baht. 

Thanks to you all and especially the Koh Samui Hash who made my "occasional Hash" so enjoyable.


Run Directions 24 February 2018
Time: 4pm
Hares: Flying Beaver / Chack Wau
Location: Bang Khao


From Lamai/Chaweng:
Drive through Hua Thanon and turn left onto 4170. Follow the road to Bang Khao. At the Bang Khao crossroads, keep going straight. Drive on for another 1km and turn right (HHH sign). Follow the road for half a kilometre and the lager site will be on your right.

From Nathon:
Drive to Baan Saket and turn right onto 4170. Drive through Thong Krut. After you passed Thong Krut, drive on for another 2.5km and turn left (HHH sign). (If you pass Hunters you have gone too far.) Follow the road for half a kilometre and the lager site will be on your right.


13 October 2012