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Grand Master
Big Yin

  Grand Master
Tubby Twinkie
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Religious Advisor
Red Mullet

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Forbeskin and Winkle

Master Bates
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Hash Piss
Scouse Bastard
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Pickled Lilly


Run Directions 23 June 2018
Time: 4pm
Hare: Dogs Bollocks
Location: Baan Saket


From Lamai:
Take the ring road and go toward Nathon, pass Mazda, Ford and Toyota, keep going until Chevrolet and turn right HHH sign go approx 278.55 metres and turn LEFT at HHH sign drive down this road to the Laager site.

From Nathon:
Leave the metropolis and continue past the roundabout remembering to give way to traffic from the right, keep going, passing Isuzu and Honda both on the right, negotiate the traffic lights and continue until Chevrolet on the left, HHH sign turn LEFT and then as above.


13 October 2012