Committee Meeting: 8 May 2012

Present: Blue lugs, Wibbly wobbly, Dipstick, Corkscrew, Bagpipes, Bogtrotter, Strollin bones, Tubbie twinkie, I’cummin, Crive, No 27, Under development, Feral flaps, Slim, Slim poussie, WC fields. 

Apologies: Wallace, Gromit

Approval of the minutes of the last meeting.

An amendment has to be made. The motion for all dogs on the leash at all times was proposed seconded and carried by a majority of those present and not as stated unanimously. 

Blue lugs will contact the Bangkok Post ref. the 500 run advertising.

The GM is finding is difficult to contact other hashes to promote the 
500 run if any other hashers can find contacts please pass the word around.

Proposed cost of the 500 run for the KSH3 is as follows:

16 runs and over will be free
8 to 15 runs will cost 600 Baht
Less than 8 runs will cost 1,200 Baht

This was proposed seconded and voted on. 

Proposal was carried.

This includes the Friday evening run and the Saturday run also agreed at this point was no discount for only doing one run. The price is fixed.

There is an error in the advertisement in the Harrier Magazine. This states that on the Saturday the piss and meal and venue are free. If anyone makes an enquiry will you please point out that everything on site on Friday is free on Saturday it is as follows:

Free Polo shirt
Free piss at the circle
Free food at the venue BUT
Piss at the venue is at own expense

We will contact Mark and request that he advertise the event on our webpage.

Hash cash reports a healthy balance.

Out of station run to Sadao will take place the second weekend of June. There will be no hash funding for this.

After a lot of discussion it was agreed, without vote, that this would not be classed as an out of station run and any of the Samui hashers who wished to go could contact the relevant person for information. The Samui hash will go ahead as per normal. For anyone registering either on Samui or Sadao, run will be included in the annual stats of our hash.

Stollin bones asked for clarification as to whether the hash should pay the cost of taxis from the Red Fox to the hash site when no other transport was available.

It was pointed out that this does not happen very often, it was agreed many years ago that this would happen and it is advertised on our webpage that there is free transport from the Red Fox.

Question asked and answered.

The GM thanked all for their attendance and closed the meeting for social drinking etc etc.




Run Directions 10 September 2016
Time: 4pm
Hares: Woodpecker / Miss Whiplash
Location: Choeng Mon

On the ring from Nathon turn left at the Bophud traffic lights. From Lamai turn right. Follow the road around past Bangrak and the Big Buddha until Cheong Mon. Pass the yellow Krungsri Bank on the left and then Family Mart. 60 metres past FM turn left towards the beach. The turn is opposite an orange Garland Cafe and Bar. This is an A to B run.



13 October 2012