Committee Meeting: 6 August 2012

Present........Wibs Dipstick,Bagpipes,Strolling bones,Corky,Feral,Mullet,W.C.Bluelugs,I'm Cumming,Do it up Debs,Tubby Twinky, Easy Rider, number 27 and Thomas

Apologies .........from Bogtrotter,Underdevelopment,Wallace and Gromet

First buisness ......out station was voted that we should hold the run later in the year when more hashers were back from their "home visits" as many feel left out of the fun!!?.A committee, led by RED MULLET, will get information about the many Hash venue we can visit, the hashers can then vote on where they would like to go. The hash will pay so much toward the trip, and this will be worked out on a sliding scale according to how many runs you have done.

500 run photos...... Wibs apologised, her laptop has crashed with pics loaded on, and for once she deleted them from camera after they loaded. HOPING to get laptop sorted and pics retrieved. SORRY

Hare line........Do it up Debs to take over the hare line, as it was voted if anyone could charm/shame some of the hashers into setting a run she could. GO GIRL

Blue lugs thanked us all for the help we would be giving him with his60th birthday party on the coming Saturday

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BLs birth day started hot hot hot, way in the 30s, sorry BL that we ladies did not bring you breakfast in bed but we could not agree who should give you what, never mind wait till you are 70.

The afternoon started with a hash run set by Dipstick. Dipstick warned all runners and walker that it was going to be a hot run,so take plenty of water. Blue lugs did not run as he said he was not drinking water cos fish pissed in it, therefore he couldn't( much to his regret) take part,  and would do his duty by guarding the piss truck. Runners came in complaining that it was a hot run, it was in the high 30s what did you expect. Circle was made, hashers given down downs ect,idiots sat on ice. Circle closed and back to RedFox to start the party. What a crush folks were sitting on the pavement. Then the food started to arrive, one whole roast pig, and lots of other dishes brought by Blue lugs friends. The table was groaning, it had to be guarded from thieving fingers until all were present to see Bluelugs unveil the pig, then everyone piled in. Thanks every one for helping to make a great spread for our lovely host.

Then the cake was brought in, well not quite a cake, but a big trifle, the cake unfortunately didn't make it as the hasher who promised it was taken ill and could not deliver it, get better soon. Anyway BL dutifully blew out the candle, with a lot of help from the fans, the fire brigade were stopped from turning up, and everyone settled down for a real hash style boozy night.


Run Directions 10 September 2016
Time: 4pm
Hares: Woodpecker / Miss Whiplash
Location: Choeng Mon

On the ring from Nathon turn left at the Bophud traffic lights. From Lamai turn right. Follow the road around past Bangrak and the Big Buddha until Cheong Mon. Pass the yellow Krungsri Bank on the left and then Family Mart. 60 metres past FM turn left towards the beach. The turn is opposite an orange Garland Cafe and Bar. This is an A to B run.



13 October 2012