Hash House Harriers History

Albert Stephen Ignatius Gispert1938 - Albert Stephen Ignatius Gispert, aka "G", an English chartered accountant with Evatt & Co. established the Hash House Harriers in Kuala Lumpur in December 1938. 

He started up the harriers group from among bachelors of the day resident at Selangor Qub Chambers. He also conceived the atliterative name Hash House Harriers. 

The "hash house" was the jocular term for which the dining room annex was known. The "hash" never really ran from this location but rather on the outskirts of KL town. 

Most trails were set in the vast rubber estates and palm oil plantations. However, many post-run gatherings and celebration diners (i.e. Run 100) were held at the hash house. 

Some of which were reported to be somewhat noisy! Fraserand Neave supplied the ice, beer and ginger beer (for shandies). This was taken out by car in a galvanised tin bath together with a couple of dozen enamel mugs. 

1941 - Last KLHHH pre-war hash was held on December 12, two weeks after the Japanese invasion. 

1942 - At around 4 a.m. on February 11,1942, founder "G", in charge of a mortar platoon, was surprised and killed by Japanese forces on Daily Farm Road, Singapore.

1946 - In August 1946, "Torch" Bennelt re-established the KLHHH on Mondays 

1947 - Hash # 2 Capt Gus Mackie, a former prisoner of war, established the first HHH chapter, Bordighera HHH, in Italy, on April 2,1947. Europe's first hash. His brother Rupert Mackie ran with Mother Hash pre-war. It was he who introduced his brother Gus to hashing in KL. Bordighera HHH folded in the early sixties. Founder Gus passed away on July 6,1971. He is remembered with an annual memorial run.

The chapter was revived on December 12,1984, and in 1992 (after more than 500 runs) integrated with neighbouring Milan HHH. This great tradition continues as Royal Milan & Bordighera HHH. 

1950 - In 1950, Don Kennedy registered the Hash House Harriers - No. 1074/50. It was deemed unnecessary to designate Kuala Lumpur in the title. After the War, the proper registration of all societies, associations and dubs became a mandatory requirement.

1962 • Hash # 3 lan Gumming established Hash House Harriers Singapore as the second chapter outside KL. Nobody at that time knew about the Italian connection. The chapter has run continuously on this island garden republic since its formation and inaugural meet on February 19,1962. Singapore Hash had reached Run 1858 at February 11, 1997, Gispert Memorial run. The very special annual Gispert Memorial Run from Kranji War Cemetery is held on the Monday closest to February 11 to honour HHH founder who fell in action in 1942

1963 to 1965

Hash # 4Brunei HHH February 18, 1963 (Colin Berwick and "Pip" Furse, both ex-Singapore HHH)

Hash # 5 Kuching HHH founded May 21,1963 George Ang)

Hash # 6 Sandakan HHH founded

1963 Hash # 7 Jesselton HLU founded June 22, 1964 (Now Kota Kinabahl HHH - George Will and Jim Ambler)

Hash # 8Miri HHH (Disbanded in 1966- Re-emerged May 27, 1973)

Hash # 9Sibu HHH (Disbanded);

Hash # 10 Kinta HHH (Disbanded)

Hash # 11 Ipoh HHH founded January 1965

Hash # 12 Penang HHH founded June 1,1965

1973 - Approximately 35 chapters in 14 countries

1977 - Approximately 90 chapters in 35 countries

1984 - Approximately 380 chapters in 76 countries

1994 - Approximately 1,100 chapters in 157 countries

1997 - Approximately 1,450 active chapters in 184 countries.




Run Directions 18 August 2018
Time: 4pm
Hare: Dykefinger
Location: Taling Ngam


From Lamai:
Drive southwards towards Muslim village. Pass Guan Yu Chinese temple, in the sharp corner roads turns right, follow 4169 direction Nathon. After 9 km (pass Ford and Toyota) turn left onto 4170 direction Ban Taling Ngam. After 1.6 km turn left (HHH). After 1 km turn right (HHH). After 200 m turn left (HHH). Laager site after 100 m left, parking right.

From Nathon:
Drive southwards. Directly after Ban Saket market turn right onto 4170 direction Ban Taling Ngam. After 1.6 km turn left (HHH). After 1 km turn right (HHH). After 200 m turn left (HHH). Laager site after 100 m left, parking right.


13 October 2012