Run Date Hare
669 Oct-16/17 Away Hash at Sichon
671 Oct-31 Bottle Opener
672 Nov-07 Dead Fucking Last
673 Nov-14 Jaques Lemmon
674 Nov-21 Forest Dump
675 Nov-28 No Balls
676 Dec-05 Tubby Twinkie
677 Dec-12 Red Mullet
678 Dec-19 Leopard Piss
679 Dec-26 Bob ze Builder / Corkscrew
680 Jan-02 Pissbowl
681 Jan-09 B-Liar
682 Jan-16 Underdevelopment
683 Jan-23 Tubby Twinkie / Master Bates
684 Jan-30 Feral Flaps
685 Feb-06 Knee Trembler / Earth Trembler
686 Feb-13 AGPU - Bogtrotter
687 Feb-20 Dykefinger
688 Feb-27 I Know Nuthing
689 Mar-05 Big Yin Conrad / Snake Farm
690 Mar-12 Bags / Go Around Again Red Dress Run - Lamai
691 Mar-19 Go Around Again Lamai Valley
692 Mar-26 Feral Flaps Maenam?
693 Apr-2 Crive Koh Phangan
694 Apr-9 Uphill Gardener / Two Stroke Lamai Area
695 Apr-16 Forbes Skin / Winkle Baan Taling Ngam
696 Apr-23 No Balls Soi 1/5 Maenam
697 Apr-30 Big Chopper / Forest Dump Ghost Road Area
698 May-7 Lick Me / Earth Trembler Toyota
700 May-14 Underdevelopment / Leopard Piss South Coast
699 May-21 DFL Soi 4/5
701 May-28 Master Bates / Tubby Twinkie Baan Taling Ngam
702 Jun-04 Leopard Piss Nathon
703 Jun-11 Down Early / Piss Bowl Lamai Valley
704 Jun-18 Red Mullet TBA
705 Jun-25 Jacques Lemmon / Picalilly Bang Khao
706 Jul-02 Tubby Twinkie / Master Bates Taling Ngam
707 Jul-09 Underdevelopment Khanom
708 Jul-16 Knee Trembler TBA
709 Jul-23 Muff Diver / Get Down Get Wet TBA
710 Jul-30 Rooting Roo / Wanking Wombat TBA
711 Aug-06 Lick Me TBA
712 Aug-13 Comic Strip / Underdevelopment TBA
713 Aug-20 Leopard Piss Honda Garage Lipa Noi
714 Aug-27 Tutti Fruity / Red Mullet TBA
715 Sep-03 The Wee Yin TBA
716 Sep-10 Whiplash / Woodpecker TBA
717 Sep-17 Laid Marion / I'm not cummin Big C
718 Sep-24 Master Bates / Tubby Twinkie TBA
719 Oct-01 Little Wanker TBA
720 Oct-08 Under Development Outstation Run
721 Oct-15 Two Stroke / Uphill Gardener TBA
722 Oct-22 Outstation Run Songkhla Songkhla
723 Oct-29 QM, TF and the boys Maenam Soi 5
724 Nov-05 The Big Yin Phangka
725 Nov-12 Feral Flaps Hunter's Bar
726 Nov-19 Dyke Finger Namuang
727 Nov-26 Wibbly Wobbly / Dipstick Hua Thanon
728 Dec-03 Forbes Skin / Winkle Hunters Bar
729 Dec-10 Corkscrew Maenam Soi 1
730 Dec-17 Crive / Red Mullet "The barely alive" live hash
731 Dec-24 Forest Dump 1pm start Soi 3 Maenam
732 Dec-31 "Any Volunteers?" 1pm start  
733 Jan-07 White Tornado / Mutton Jeff Southern Coast
734 Jan-14 Johnny Come Lately Maenam (Children's Day Run)
735 Jan-21 Granny Basher / Leopard Piss Top Cats
736 Jan-28 No Balls Maenam
737 Feb-04 Bob Ze Builder  
738 Feb-11 Dipstick Namuang / Taling Ngam
739 Feb-18 Go Around Again Thong Krut (AGPU)
740 Feb-25 Rooting Roo / Wanking Wombat TBA
741 Mar-04 Muff Diver / Get down get wet TBA
742 Mar-11 Bags Red Dress Run Lamai
743 Mar-18 Banana Bender / Pissbowl Lamai Valley
744 Mar-25 The Big Yin TBA
745 Apr-01 Crive Koh Phangan
746 Apr-08 Tubby Twinkie / Master Bates TBA
747 Apr-15 Uphill Gardener / Tangerine Man Lamai Valley
748 Apr-22 Two Stroke TBA
749 Apr-29 Dog's Bollocks TBA
750 May-06 I´m not Coming Maenam Soi 5
751 May-13 Leopard Piss Taling Ngam
752 May-20 Corkscrew South Coast
753 May-27 Forest Dump Maenam Soi 2
754 Jun-03 Tubby Twinkie / Master Bates Taling Ngam
755 Jun-10 Granny Basher TBA
756 Jun-17 DFL Maenam Soi 1
757 Jun-24 Feral Flaps TBA
758 Jul-01 Forbeskin / Winkle South Coast
759 Jul-08 Quartermaster Soi 5 Maenam
760 Jul-15 Tubby Twinkie / Master Bates Khanom
761 Jul-22 Glad he ate her TBA
762 Jul-29 Ferral Flaps TBA
763 Aug-5 Master Bates / Tubby Twinkie TBA
764 Aug-12 The Big Yin West Coast
765 Aug-19   TBA
766 Aug-26 Banana Bender TBA
767 Sep-02   TBA
768 Sep-09   TBA
769 Sep-16   TBA
770 Sep-23   TBA
771 Sep-30   TBA
772 Oct-07 Go Around Again TBA
773 Oct-14   TBA
777 Oct-20 Night Run Lamai
774 Oct-21 Red Mullet - Trafalgar Day Run Hua Thanon
775 Oct-28   TBA
776 Nov-04   TBA
778 Nov-11 Leopard Piss TBA

"PLEASE NOTE";Where a Hare is unable to fulfill his/her run obligation that Hare must contact directly another Hare on the above list and swap as agreed and notify the Hare-line.


Run Directions 22 July 2017
Time : 4.00pm
Hare: Glad I ate her
Location: Namuang


From Nathon:
Drive on the ring road to Baan Saket and turn right onto 4170. Follow the road for app. 2,2km and turn left onto Namuang-Taling Ngam Road. Continue on the road for app. 3km and the lager site will be on the right.

From Lamai:
Drive on the ring road to Namuang and turn left onto 4173. Follow the road for app. 1,4km and turn right onto Namuang-Taling Ngam Road. Continue on the road for app. 2km and the lager site will be on the left.


13 October 2012