Run Date Hare
669 Oct-16/17 Away Hash at Sichon
671 Oct-31 Bottle Opener
672 Nov-07 Dead Fucking Last
673 Nov-14 Jaques Lemmon
674 Nov-21 Forest Dump
675 Nov-28 No Balls
676 Dec-05 Tubby Twinkie
677 Dec-12 Red Mullet
678 Dec-19 Leopard Piss
679 Dec-26 Bob ze Builder / Corkscrew
680 Jan-02 Pissbowl
681 Jan-09 B-Liar
682 Jan-16 Underdevelopment
683 Jan-23 Tubby Twinkie / Master Bates
684 Jan-30 Feral Flaps
685 Feb-06 Knee Trembler / Earth Trembler
686 Feb-13 AGPU - Bogtrotter
687 Feb-20 Dykefinger
688 Feb-27 I Know Nuthing
689 Mar-05 Big Yin Conrad / Snake Farm
690 Mar-12 Bags / Go Around Again Red Dress Run - Lamai
691 Mar-19 Go Around Again Lamai Valley
692 Mar-26 Feral Flaps Maenam?
693 Apr-2 Crive Koh Phangan
694 Apr-9 Uphill Gardener / Two Stroke Lamai Area
695 Apr-16 Forbes Skin / Winkle Baan Taling Ngam
696 Apr-23 No Balls Soi 1/5 Maenam
697 Apr-30 Big Chopper / Forest Dump Ghost Road Area
698 May-7 Lick Me / Earth Trembler Toyota
700 May-14 Underdevelopment / Leopard Piss South Coast
699 May-21 DFL Soi 4/5
701 May-28 Master Bates / Tubby Twinkie Baan Taling Ngam
702 Jun-04 Leopard Piss Nathon
703 Jun-11 Down Early / Piss Bowl Lamai Valley
704 Jun-18 Red Mullet TBA
705 Jun-25 Jacques Lemmon / Picalilly Bang Khao
706 Jul-02 Tubby Twinkie / Master Bates Taling Ngam
707 Jul-09 Underdevelopment Khanom
708 Jul-16 Knee Trembler TBA
709 Jul-23 Muff Diver / Get Down Get Wet TBA
710 Jul-30 Rooting Roo / Wanking Wombat TBA
711 Aug-06 Lick Me TBA
712 Aug-13 Comic Strip / Underdevelopment TBA
713 Aug-20 Leopard Piss Honda Garage Lipa Noi
714 Aug-27 Tutti Fruity / Red Mullet TBA
715 Sep-03 The Wee Yin TBA
716 Sep-10 Whiplash / Woodpecker TBA
717 Sep-17 Laid Marion / I'm not cummin Big C
718 Sep-24 Master Bates / Tubby Twinkie TBA
719 Oct-01 Little Wanker TBA
720 Oct-08 Under Development Outstation Run
721 Oct-15 Two Stroke / Uphill Gardener TBA
722 Oct-22 Outstation Run Songkhla Songkhla
723 Oct-29 QM, TF and the boys Maenam Soi 5
724 Nov-05 The Big Yin Phangka
725 Nov-12 Feral Flaps Hunter's Bar
726 Nov-19 Dyke Finger Namuang
727 Nov-26 Wibbly Wobbly / Dipstick Hua Thanon
728 Dec-03 Forbes Skin / Winkle Hunters Bar
729 Dec-10 Corkscrew Maenam Soi 1
730 Dec-17 Crive / Red Mullet "The barely alive" live hash
731 Dec-24 Forest Dump 1pm start Soi 3 Maenam
732 Dec-31 "Any Volunteers?" 1pm start  
733 Jan-07 White Tornado / Mutton Jeff Southern Coast
734 Jan-14 Johnny Come Lately Maenam (Children's Day Run)
735 Jan-21 Granny Basher / Leopard Piss Top Cats
736 Jan-28 No Balls Maenam
737 Feb-04 Bob Ze Builder  
738 Feb-11 Dipstick Namuang / Taling Ngam
739 Feb-18 Go Around Again Thong Krut (AGPU)
740 Feb-25 Rooting Roo / Wanking Wombat TBA
741 Mar-04 Muff Diver / Get down get wet TBA
742 Mar-11 Bags Red Dress Run Lamai
743 Mar-18 Banana Bender / Pissbowl Lamai Valley
744 Mar-25 The Big Yin TBA
745 Apr-01 Crive Koh Phangan
746 Apr-08 Tubby Twinkie / Master Bates TBA
747 Apr-15 Uphill Gardener / Tangerine Man Lamai Valley
748 Apr-22 Two Stroke TBA
749 Apr-29 Dog's Bollocks TBA
750 May-06 I´m not Coming Maenam Soi 5
751 May-13 Leopard Piss Taling Ngam
752 May-20 Corkscrew South Coast
753 May-27 Forest Dump Maenam Soi 2
754 Jun-03 Tubby Twinkie / Master Bates Taling Ngam
755 Jun-10 Granny Basher TBA
756 Jun-17 DFL Maenam Soi 1
757 Jun-24 Feral Flaps TBA
758 Jul-01 Forbeskin / Winkle South Coast
759 Jul-08 Quartermaster Soi 5 Maenam
760 Jul-15 Tubby Twinkie / Master Bates Khanom
761 Jul-22 Glad he ate her TBA
762 Jul-29 Dykefinger Namuang
763 Aug-5 Master Bates / Tubby Twinkie Lipa Noi
764 Aug-12 The Big Yin Lipa Noi
765 Aug-19 Forest Dump Bophut
766 Aug-26 Banana Bender Lamai Valley
767 Sep-02 Leopard Piss Foothills of Eastern Nathon
768 Sep-09 Muffdiver Top of the Rock
769 Sep-16 Quartermaster/Tootie Fruitie Maenam Soi 4
770 Sep-23 Red Mullet Soi 5
771 Sep-30 Winkle / Forbeskin Thong Krut
772 Oct-07 Go Around Again TBA
773 Oct-14 Tangerine Man/Banana Bender Lamai Valley
774 Oct-21 Red Mullet - Trafalgar Day Run Maenam Soi1
777 Oct-28 Leopard Piss Baan Khao
775 Nov-04 Corkscrew Soi 3
776 Nov-11 Granny Basher/Dogs Bullocks Lipa Noi
778 Nov-18 Sleazy Ride r/ Banana Bender Namuang
779 Nov-25 Leopard Piss Thong Krut
780 Dec-02 Tangerine Man Lamai Valley
781 Dec-09 I know Nussing TBA
782 Dec-16 Crive / Red Mullet TBA
783 Dec-23 Dick.com TBA
784 Dec-30 No Balls TBA
785 Jan-06 Uphill Gardener / Two Stroke Lamai Riverside
786 Jan-13 DFL TBA
787 Jan-20 Master Bates TBA
788 Jan-27   TBA
789 Feb-03   TBA
790 Feb-10 Tubby Twinkie / Big Yin Hua Thanon
791 Feb-17 Tangerineman Lamai Valley
792 Feb-24 Flying Beaver / Chack Wau Bang Khao
793 Mar-03 Dykefinger Taling Ngam
794 Mar-10 Go Around Again  
795 Mar-17 Crive / Tangerine Man Koh Phangan
796 Mar-24 Red Mullet / QM, TF, and the boys Maenam Soi 1
797 Mar-31 Tangerine Man / Tango TBA
798 Apr-07 Two Stroke / Uphill Gardener Ban Nok Sai
799 Apr-14 Feral Flaps / Sari Bang Rak
800 Apr-21 Tubby Twinkie TBA
801 Apr-28 Dogs Bullocks / Babalas Taling Ngam
802 May-05 Banana Bender / Sleazy Rider Nuang Yuan
803 May-12 Quartermaster, TF and boys Maenam, Soi 3
804 May-19 Master Bates TBA
805 May-26 The Big Yin West Coast
806 Jun-02 Leopard Piss TBA
807 Jun-09 DFL TBA
808 Jun-16 Babalaas TBA
809 Jun-23 Dogs Bollocks Baan Saket
810 Jun-30 Earth Trembler Baan Thurian
811 Jul-07 Forbeskin Thong Krut
812 Jul-14 Tubby Twinkie Lamai Valley
813 Jul-21 The Big Yin / Leopard Piss Khanom
814 Jul-28 Russel Crowe Thong Krut
815 Aug-04 Lick Me Toyota
816 Aug-11 Master Bates TBA
817 Aug-18 Dykefinger TBA
818 Aug-25 Muff Diver Magic Garden
819 Sep-01 Tangerine Man Near Lamai
820 Sep-08 Too Lips Thong Krut
821 Sep-15    

"PLEASE NOTE";Where a Hare is unable to fulfill his/her run obligation that Hare must contact directly another Hare on the above list and swap as agreed and notify the Hare-line.


Run Directions 23 June 2018
Time: 4pm
Hare: Dogs Bollocks
Location: Baan Saket


From Lamai:
Take the ring road and go toward Nathon, pass Mazda, Ford and Toyota, keep going until Chevrolet and turn right HHH sign go approx 278.55 metres and turn LEFT at HHH sign drive down this road to the Laager site.

From Nathon:
Leave the metropolis and continue past the roundabout remembering to give way to traffic from the right, keep going, passing Isuzu and Honda both on the right, negotiate the traffic lights and continue until Chevrolet on the left, HHH sign turn LEFT and then as above.


13 October 2012