KSH3 - A drinking club with a running problem

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in the circleWelcome to the Koh Samui Hash House Harriers Website. You will find on this site our Hash Gallery, Hash Video and other information about the Hash.

The Hash run is designed for a group of individuals (Normally referred to as the "Pack" or "Hash") to follow a trail (true or false) of two or three other individuals (normally referred to as the "hares"). The distance varies from 7-10 km and the finishing point is usually the starting point... though not always so.

After the run (in case you made it back) we form a kind of circle and do stupid things and drink beer. That's it Hashers... On On

Meeting Point Lamai

in the circleThe Lamai meeting point is Red Fox Pub.

Visitors who need transport should be at the Red Fox on Saturdays at 2pm to get a lift to the run site. Please contact Blue Lugs on 0899 085 311 for further information.






Run Directions 21 October 2017
Time : 3.30pm
Hare: Red Mullet
Location: Maenam Soi 1
9°32'04.8"N 100°00'55.4"E


From Chaweng or Nathon:
Enter Soi 1 (NO HHH sign, because you all know where it is…) and drive about 1.5-2K towards Lamai; pass the Muslim Temple on your right and the Laager site is about 500m further on on your right. Best access the site from the dirt road, so turn right on the dirt road HHH sign, and either park nicely on the dirt road or drive in and park prettily so we can get everyone in….Down Early, leave your car on the Concrete road or get Banana Bender to park it for you.

Coming over the hill from Lamai:
once you get over the hill onto the flat bit, look out for the HHH sign, rest as above!!


13 October 2012